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April 2024

Happy Spring Dear Friends,

As I walked through our little Village of Oxford, MD the other day, I thought how Spring is such a delight to the senses. My eyes took in the beauty of the magnolia blossoms and daffodils, my ears were delighted with the many bird sounds, my nose tickled as it smelled an early lilac bloom, my fingers tingled at the touch of the cool water of the Tred Avon River, and I could almost taste the warmth of the sunshine.

Our senses invite us back into the magic and wonder of life. Nothing can keep us so awake and present to the moment as when we give full attention to our senses. They help us to understand and perceive the world around us.

In one of his “Steady” columns I subscribe to, Dan Rather digressed from the news to tell of some of his early life experiences growing up. he wrote about Spring and how the smell of magnolia blossoms vividly brought back the image of his mother.

“Even more pronounced than the beautiful sight was the smell. The distinct fragrance filled me. I breathed deeply and held it.  I remembered my mother. I see her face and feel her smile. A wave of love overflows the reservoirs of my heart.”

I have that same experience with lilac blossoms, when I’m on a walk or bike ride, and I see a lilac bush, I have to go and take a big whiff and I’m right back there with my grandmother again. Her smiling face and comforting arms.
I can’t help but think that perhaps smell is the most powerful sense for summoning memories.

Dan continues, “The height of the bloom was over. Life passes. Beauty fades. But it can still be savored and recalled. And new beauty can grow. Spring teaches us that each year.  I think this season means more as we age. How many more flowers will we smell, see, and remember? So let us grab hold of the present and make it count.”

Dan had it right for sure. Our Yoga practice is another way to stay present and awake.  Some say Proprioception is our sixth sense. It refers to awareness of the position and movement of your body.  In practice, we get to improve our proprioceptive skills and experience the sensual delight of how our bodies move and respond to each breath.

Another way to experience the full delight of your senses is to travel to new and different places. The Iguana Lodge on the Osa Peninsula on the west coast of Costa Rica is such a place. Perhaps you’ll join me for a Yoga Retreat there January 25-February 1, 2025.  Please scroll down for all the info. and other offerings as well.

Scotland Coming Right Up! 

We have had a few cancellations in Week 1 and Week 2 for Scotland. The first week is with me teaching alone, and the second week with Maria Hamburger and I teaching together.  We will be on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. British Airways airfare has actually come down a bit, and travel is quite easy from BWI to London, and then a hop to Glasgow. This promises to be an amazing trip. Find out more here.

Don’t be left behind

You can find more information about the venue called Ardoch here. Please go here to register for Week 1 (May 25-June 1)

Costa Rica Retreat

January 25 – February 1, 2025

Join me on a fabulous Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica at the Iguana Lodge, the Osa’s Only Luxury Hotel on the beach!  We’ll be ten minutes from the town of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica.

Click here for full info and registration.

Yoga & Meditation annual Weekend Retreat

November 22-24 with Maria Hamburger & me!

We filled up once again at Shepherds Spring Retreat Center this past November and are looking forward to coming together again in the Fall. Registration will open in July, but you can click here to see the venue and for information. Save the date as this weekend fills quickly!

With Blessings and Love this Spring,


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photo credit to John Hurley