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The Dog Days of Summer (2014)

Hopefully, some of these days are Downward Facing Dog Days and you’re wagging your tails in delight from lots of summer fun and good vacation time. And of course, delighting in your own yoga practice as well. My husband, John, who retired in January, and I are spending long weekends in Oxford, MD on the Eastern Shore, exploring the creeks and rivers in our little Boston Whaler. We’re delighted by the fact that the sea nettles have stayed away so far this year and the swimming is grand!

Our big adventure this year is a cruise/trip to Alaska for a couple of weeks in early August. Before we leave I wanted to give ya’ll a quick update on my upcoming retreats and other teaching activities.

Betsey Downing and I will be giving our annual Spirited Women’s Retreat October 25-November 1 of this year, at the wonderful zen-like resort of Maya Tulum in Mexico. We are about 2/3 full, so if you are on the fence or if you have any friends who may be interested in joining us for the SWR, tell them to register soon!  On August 25 Maya Tulum will release all the rooms that we have not booked for our retreat, and there may not be rooms available if they wait too long. The brochure and all the info is here.

Next up is the Jamaica Retreat led by Moses Brown and me from January 31-February 8, 2015. Registration just opened and we’re already more than 2/3 full. We are at a new place this year, up the road a bit from the Negril Escape with fewer rooms available.  No worries tho, as folks can still stay at the Negril Escape or the Mirage, both in walking distance.  We can take only 40 in the yoga space tho, so don’t wait too long if you’re thinking of coming!  Again, click here for all the info.

I continue to enjoy teaching my five classes at Willow Street and doing an occasional series of classes in Oxford. That plus teaching some workshops, seeing a few privates each week, doing the two retreats a year and spending time with the grandkids makes for a full and happy life. I feel especially fortunate, with my 70th trip around the sun coming up this October, to have somehow been so blessed to have stumbled upon this Yogic path that has guided and continues to bless my life.

There’s an additional PS that is important to me and I feel needs to be said to all seasoned and budding yogis.  We are not here to transcend life, and live only in some state of bliss-filled nirvana. As we awaken to who we are, we realize the need to do all we can to make the world a more conscious place. To say no to the politics and politicians that are tearing at our democracy and yes, to those policies, which are far-reaching and necessary to the survival of our planet.  We need to speak up and out from that deep place that knows what’s right in our very soul!  Be progressive and always stand up for your Truth.

Love and Namaste,

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photo credit to John Hurley