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October 2021

Dear Ones,

Autumn has arrived! The transition from the hot humid days of Summer to turning off the AC and allowing cool breezes to blow through our open windows is the best. I love the scent of the crisp morning air, seeing the leaves begin to turn, and the chrysanthemums in their array of yellows, rusts and purples. Later this month there will be the pumpkins, the trick & treaters, and soon Thanksgiving. Autumn is a transformational act of Nature, each day bringing a new delight.

Each season has important lessons to impart to us. For me, the lesson of Autumn is about letting go. The trees let go of their leaves without resistance, without protest. They just gracefully fall to the earth, often being lifted by the wind in swirls of beauty. I may find myself resisting losing a precious hour of afternoon daylight, but the ease of the falling leaves reminds me to accept what is.

As the trees release their leaves and seeds to the earth, it is also a reminder that something in the dying never dies. but is reborn in another form, another energy. Come Spring, we will see new shoots burst forth from the seeds that have been nurtured in the dark winter earth. The outer shells of those seeds have died, as the inner essence of the seed goes on. I believe this is one of the greatest gifts of Autumn. As we awaken to the essence of who we are, Spirit, Awareness, Consciousness, (many names for the One Energy within each of us), we know too, that there is no death.

Life in all its glory, sorrow, joy and pain is to be celebrated and lived fully. The Universe wants us to be happy, and we are called to co-create with this Greater Energy to make every day count. Yoga helps us do just that – to celebrate, to make our way through the hard and difficult days, to help us simply connect, to each other, and to Spirit. I invite you to join me on the mat, on Zoom or in person on the Eastern Shore of MD. Looking ahead to Winter, Maria Hamburger and I will lead the Yoga and Meditation Retreat in December. In February, Maria and I will again be teaching our Jamaica Yoga Vacation. All details are below.

Be well and may this Autumn remind you to let go into more ease of being, into more joy, and into deeper connection with All That Is.

Namaste with Love,

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photo credit to John Hurley