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July 2022

Dear Ones,

We are about midway into the Summer season!  Summer is traditionally a time for play, for travel, for adventure, for rest, and, well, just not so much work!!  Va-cation, we vacate from work to play!!

In Tantric philosophy, the purpose of the entire universe is for the play of it, for the play and display of all creation.  Lila is a Sanskrit word for divine play, game, or sport. We are here to have an experience, to savor life. (tandeva)

Play is entering a state of mind without worry or anxiety. It’s a state of joy and creativity. It’s the pure state of being that happens for no reason at all. Work, on the other hand, is for a reason. We work to accomplish something, to get something in return for our efforts. It’s external by nature. But play is for its own sake. It’s self-fulfilling.

It is the upsurge of creative energy reminding us that much of life does in fact happen spontaneously. We do need certainty and order in life and its balance is Lila.

Lila shows us the playful nature of life events, no matter how well planned they are, they may very well change. We are never stuck or captive in one situation. Keeping an attitude of lightness, of joy, of play helps us to shift more easily when necessary.

So I hope much of your summer days can be not only playful, but sometimes just a little lazy, enjoying a good book in a hammock some place, swimming in a clear lake, or just lying on the beach wave gazing or vaporizing clouds. Whatever your play is, do it fully and experience all the Lightness of Being that you deserve.


You’ll find a couple of great options here for you to come play with us in the months ahead!  (Vieques, however, is full and if all goes well, we will repeat next year at a different time)  I’m also exploring Ireland for a future retreat!

Namaste with Love,

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photo credit to John Hurley